A Mind Map is a graphical technique to visualize connections between several ideas or items of information and that follows a strict set of rules. It is always organized around a unique central idea or word.

Mind Map Example - Buzan

Mind Map example – Buzan


An Idea Map is a Mind Map adapted to the communication needs of the business world, and that  does not follow such an strict set of rules.

Idea Mapping Success

Jamie Nast


An Information Map is an Idea Map that includes spreadsheets and charts (and possibly Data Bases)

Information Map Insurance



This blog is dedicated to introduce the use of information map automation as a tool for the development of visual business applications.

Information maps are an evolution of mind maps that are more suitable as a business tool. Certain aspects of mind maps are problematic if one wants to use them for business applications. For example, using just one word per branch is a serious limitation. Information maps try to use the best aspects of mind maps but avoiding limiting issues. Information maps were also called idea maps.

I have used information map automation to develop visual applications in,

  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Internal Communications
  • SAP front ends
  • PHR
  • Accounting
  • Citizen information
  • Tourist Informacion Centre

It can be applied to almost any type of business, but Insurance and Banking are ideal because of the great amount of information and its complexity. The more complexity, the best results are obtained by using visual methods like Information Mapping.

We will start with a short history of Mind Mapping until the advent of Information Mapping. Then we will go on with future developments in the automation of Information Mapping.